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Why we are the right partner for you?


For all requirements of fingerprint recognition technology

Our company is infinitely varied, highly specialized, extremely efficient and innovative in supplying fingerprint algorithms, fingerprint recognition modules and sensors and PC/server based solution components and technology.


fingerswitch.jpgWe provide components and technology with excellent recognition performance for verification and identification, represented from top results in Quality Ranking of the International Fingerprint Verification Competition and BSI “Biofinger” Performance evaluation.

We have all the experience in fingerprint technology you expect from a partner capable of integrating fingerprint technology into your existing application and network infrastructure. With our expertise and our innovative power in fingerprint technology and the intelligent networking of our knowledge we develop hardware components, firmware and SW solutions that help our customers to achieve major competitive advantages and contribute significantly to their success in their biometric business activities. Due to our sensor independent technology we support all state of art sensor technologies from large AFIS USB sensors to low cost sensors including stripe, area, capacitive, optical, touch less and thermal fingerprint sensors.

Our arguments to find a long term supply partner

  • We supply fingerprint components and technology, which fulfil national and international standards and which are proven in practical usage over years.

  • We supply accurate and fast algorithms and best in class product quality for a pricing, which enable our customers to achieve competitive end prices for its final products and solutions. We act as real technology supplier and know that the cost for fingerprint components should not increase the end selling price dramatically.

  • We manufacture our HW in Germany to guarantee highest delivery quality and best service workflow.

  • The selectivity of various sensor techniques using the same HW and protocol implementation provides highest flexibility in application and pricing requirements and a kind of investment protection for our partners.

















> Absolute robust

Ziand hardwearing -

Zieasy to use


An alternative solution

of stripe-sensor with resistant and steel-

coated stripe-sensor

from UPEK


> Touchless sensor-

Zitechnology from TST








Two german companies are working closely together


Phone: 09094-9210298
E-mail: info@mbfingermetrica.com
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