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Our Expertise ...

The whole team represent more than 10 years of experience in the area of general biometrics, comparison and evaluation of fingerprint sensors, development and manufacturing of fingerprint sensor devices, fingerprint algorithms for low cost embedded modules, biometric application software and biometric core components for network solutions and smart card biometric integration.

weltkugel.jpg... and Core Competences:

- Algorithms development – sensor independent, fast and accurate
- Embedded fingerprint HW development
- Sensor evaluation and selection
- Supply of PC/server based fingerprint integration kits
- Matching on Card technology
- Coaching, concept engineering, training, design in support
- Excellent quality of components and technology

Software and Firmware Development

We develop software for fingerprint solutions in domain-specific and across domain dimensions. We are familiar with a wide range of technologies regarding system platform and embedded processor architectures, in many programming language and database technologies – you can rely on the performance of our fingerprint software and firmware including efficient serviceability, consistent documentation and top level reliability. We customize our standard components based on customer specific requirements.

Consulting Services

Tell us about your ideas and situation for your fingerprint solutions. We will get together with you to work out your concrete goals.


Maintenance and Support

We have a strong service and development organization for consulting, customization and after sales service. Maintenance and support is a key contribution to protect our customers investments made in all developed and supplied fingerprint components, products and solutions from us.

Training and Coaching

We train and coach your employees of different target groups to become familiar with the new fingerprint technology and solution. Without training and coaching, even the best solution wouldn´t be complete.


Hardware and Electronics

Our know how in fingerprint hardware and electronics development goes hand in hand with our strength in the recognition software and firmware sector. We develop digital hardware starting from the electronics logic design up to transition to production stage with excellent and world class quality and reliability.

Market Approach

Focusing on further developments of our fingerprint technology, we are marketing our products through a global network of integration partners. Integrated into partner solution, our fingerprint technology are beneficially contributing to various fields of applications such as data capturing, physical and logical access control, healthcare systems, financial application and border control.
We provide a full range of soft- and hardware solutions based on the latest fingerprint technology.
It is our goal to help our customers to increase their productivity, reduce costs and to optimize their workflow in the business area of fingerprint.


















> Absolute robust

Ziand hardwearing -

Zieasy to use


An alternative solution

of stripe-sensor with resistant and steel-

coated stripe-sensor

from UPEK


> Touchless sensor-

Zitechnology from TST








Two german companies are working closely together


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E-mail: info@mbfingermetrica.com
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