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TopSec ID Module B.3

for Sensor ATMEL Thermal Stripe


Connector Package AT77C102B-CB02YV


TopSec B.3 and ATMEL sensor is an ideal combination of B.family embedded recognition technology and ATMEL thermal fingerprint sensor technology. The ATMEL sensor is a single chip, high performance and low cost sensor based on temperature physical sensing effects, where no optics, no prism and light source are required.




It has a linear shape, allowing for the capture of a fingerprint image by sweeping the finger across the sensing area. The ATMEL stripe fingerprint sensor with its robust sensor technology provides highest durability/reliability and excellent image capturing capability through its thermal principle. The sensor is coated with a sensitive layer which prevents the user from touching the sensor chip surface. The coating also protects the sensor against ESD well above 15kV as well as for extreme wear-and-tear (> 1 million tips). The sensor is well known and provides field test confirmed very high image quality that utilizes all 256 gray scale values in each pixel. Due to their self cleaning principle latent fingerprints are no problem. In combination with the on the fly reconstruction algorithms optimized on our TopSec platform the combination ensure highest flexibility in moving velocity and smooth variations in the moving direction.


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