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TopSec ID Module B.1

for UPEK Area TouchChip TCS1, TCS2 and TCS2SS surface sensors

TopSec ID module B.1 and the Touchchip UPEK area sensors are a powerful combination to verify and identify users based on embedded fingerprint recognition technique.




The UPEK sensors are based on the patented TouchChip technology, which is an active capacitive fingerprint sensing technology providing a high level of signal to noise ratio. Through this active sensing technology and the "perfect print" calibration and adjustment running on the TopSec module the sensor readout guarantees highest image quality for all skin types and various environmental conditions. The UPEK area sensors are available in two different sizes, in which TCS1 is the sensor with the largest active area available among all silicon sensors. Thick coating 5 x of competition and the new steal coated versions protect against dust, humidity and dirt as well as scratching, abrasion and chemical contamination and guarantee a life time and reliability of 2M or 4M touches.

We will support FBI FIPS201 mode for TCS1 standard coating with TopSec B.1 module based on specific project requirements.
With our mechanical plastic finger guide for both of sensors and TopSec module the mechanical integration is very easy - it can be snapped in.


In combination with the USB interfacing board (refer to USB connection) the TopSec B.x family can report recognition status and prompt the user for activity over a two-coloured light emitting diode via a light pipe -

to ensure easy mechanical integration.


The interface board generates the 4.55 VDC Power Supply for UPEK Sensors in the operation modes „enhanced image“ for „steel coat“ and „standard coating“ and provides an eletrical path to drive the „turbo signal“ of the sensor into the required conductive fingerguidance.


The TopSec B.x family can be switched on and off via a shut down signal, the HOST can switch on the TopSec B.x via UART activity - in this case the TopSec B.x switches off self controlled after some time without of activity.
In the quasi autonomous identification mode used as a wakeup function for the overall system we supply an external sensor independent capacitive based activation circuitry which wakes up the system through finger detection - this feature will be implemented with electrical wakeup concept and mechanical integration concept of the full device.

In addition we offer to implement a full autonomous Enrole and Identify-mode (Delete, e. g. Masterfinger Enrole, Identify) via our GPIO lines and customized additional external electronics.


The flexibility in HW and FW support of UPEK TCS1 and TCS2 area sensors within our TopSec B.1 allows the usage of standard coating sensor versions as well as steal coated sensor versions in their required operation modes Standard Coating, Standard Coating Enhanced Imaging Mode (EIM) light, EIM Steal Coated or EIM FIPS certified mode. This provides maximum flexibility for the mechanical sensor integration and finger guidance integration into plastic housings (non conductive) as well the required conductive metallic integration (steel, aluminium, conductive plastics) for all Enhanced Image Modes (EIM).


TopSec supports all modes of enhanced image quality

supply for UPEK area sensors




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B.1 & UPEK sensors

"Easy and flexible"


TopSec supports all
modes of enhanced

image quality supply

for UPEK area sensors



TCS2SS steelcoated

capacitive area sensor

with conductive finger-






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