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TopSec ID Module B.4

for Sensor UPEK TCS4H Stripe

The Touchstrip TCS4H UPEK sensor is an advanced sensor and incorporates an active-pixel capacitive approach which provides much higher immunity to parasitic effects. This leads to improved sensitivity and

higher signal-to-noise ratio to capture high quality fingerprints across a broader population of users and skin types, under a wider range of conditions.




The TCS4H produces the best and cleanest possible fingerprint image through its patented HD3D sensing dual plate active pixel designed system, which achieves stringent image quality requirements of NIST and FBI. This HD3D sensing technology penetrates to outer skin layers to read live layers under the skin. Furthermore this ultra-sensitive imaging system enables the use of SteelCoatTM, a thick, tough, protective layer for maximum durability and optimal cosmetic appearance.

Together with UPEKs Image Capture and reconstruction algorithms which are running on TopSec and TopSec B-REAL encoding and matching algorithms an excellent recognition sub system is provided to verify and identify a wide range of different finger conditions under different environmental conditions.

With key features such as low power consumption, tough SteelCoatTM protective layer, and sleek cosmetic appearance, the TCS4H sensor is an ideal solution for embedded applications such as mobile phones, PDAs, remote controls and chip card readers. Ultra-low power modes supporting finger detection guarantee the longest possible battery life for portable applications. The included image data encryption and image data signing functionality in the TCS4H increases the security of the transmitted image data against snooping attacks, and makes it impossible to simulate the image data stream for malicious purposes.


The pictures show that we sell and support the combination of TopSec B.4 and TCS4H sensor with and without TCS4 sensor board to react on different Design in and pricing requirements.
The schematic of TopSec-TCS4H sensor interfacing, sensor power supply, possible wake up and LED control is included in the download documents.
For new design in evaluations we supply evaluation boards and small quantities of TCS4H stripe sensor from our stock.


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B.4 + TCS4H Sensor

Absolute robust

and hardwearing -
easy to use


Stripe sensor solution

with resistant and steel-

coated stripe sensor TCS4H from UPEK




Can easily be mounted - with USB interface



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