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We supply market known and proven Sensor Technologies and Recognition


We provide and support fingerprint sensors with different sensing techniques to fulfil a wide range of environ-
mental and using requirements while ensuring the best price compromise and sensor template format compa-
tibility for different applications at the same time.
We support sensors with customer confirmed long time reliability and durability regarding abraviation and rub-off (wear and tear) and providing excellent image quality for wet and dry fingers. For us and our customers it is important to be flexible in stripe and area sensor usage – so we support stripe sensors, medium sized and large sized area sensors for price sensitive verification applications as well as for high accurate and fast identification applications. Due to their robustness, their self-cleaning features and the absence of latent fingerprints stripe line sensors are an excellent alternative.
Customers can select their preferred finger scanner type depending on their application requirements - mixed operation is possible, because of the fingerprint sensor independency of our finger recognition algorithms.
With that flexibility – no single sensor type serves every need, we are independent from world market, which controls quality and price, we are not dependent from one sensor/device supplier and we assist mixed mode operation in the same network.
You can trust in our expertise to evaluate and select fingerprint sensor technologies.

Our algorithms are sensor independent - mixed sensor usage possible.

Our implementations achieve excellent image quality for wet and dry fingers through its sensor calibration features and integrated triggering functions.
Latency effects which remain on particular sensor surfaces are compensated through latency checking calculations. Due to its reliability, robustness, self cleaning behaviour and stripe principle we suggest the usage of stripe sensors. The high speed implementations of powerful reconstruction algorithms provide excellent using behaviour in cases of slow and fast finger swipe movement and compensates changes in swiping direction and velocity.


















> Absolute robust

Ziand hardwearing -

Zieasy to use


An alternative solution

of stripe-sensor with resistant and steel-

coated stripe-sensor

from UPEK


> Touchless sensor-

Zitechnology from TST








Two german companies are working closely together


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