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The TopSec B.x Modules are connectable via TCP/IP now

lan-sensor-engl.jpgThe TopSec family with their different fingerprint sensors can be controlled over Ethernet using our TCP/IP-adapter. This adapter carries the XT-Nano TCP/IP module from AK-Nord and generates power for all components including TopSec ID module and sensors over POE or external power supply.

The adapter has mounted the 30 pin connector for direct connection of the TopSec family. Additional connectors provide access to a relay and further GPIO-lines which can be programmed according to their needs.

From the Software point of view the TopSec ID module SDK, the included DLL and the service tool and demo software tool application can communicate with equipped TopSec modules by using a virtual COM interface.


The PC drivers and redirector services for the serial to TCP/IP conversion have to be installed before and can be supplied from AK-Nord. (http://www.ak-nord.de).

We also supply a JAVA SDK where the TopSec protocol can easily be integrated in SW applications with direct
TCP/IP access.


To connect the TopSec-family through RS485/RS422 networks we suggest the usage of available RS485/RS422-TTL converters



The networking of the TopSec will normally be done through the terminal networking of our integration partners. For project specific solutions for direct networking of the TopSec family we support different opportunities, which we define and realize together with our partners.


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