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B-family - combines different sensor technology and application requirements


TopSec ID module family is an embedded fingerprint standalone recognition unit composed of processing unit and changeable sensor units, where all the encoding and matching algorithms are executed embedded in the module. It is designed for manufacturers searching for an inexpensive, reliable and easy-to-integrate biometric PC independent subsystem for embedded product integrations or USB applications. With its latest fingerprint technology the product line offers outstanding recognition performance regarding excellent accuracy and high matching speed and robustness through its leading patented core algorithm technology.
Its efficient fingerprint-capturing, encoding and matching algorithms together with combination of highly im-

proved image quality of supported sensors provide a highly accurate and fast fingerprint recognition subsystem.






Manufacturers of door locks, Time & Attendance systems, personal safes, entrances, briefcases, automobiles, mobile applications, etc. will be able to integrate fingerprint recognition technology without any extensive biometric knowledge and in a much shorter time frame then ever before. At the same time they take advantage of our continuously development and enhancements in fingerprint recognition algorithms, which are downloadable over Firmware Upgrade functions.

Supported Main Use Cases of TopSec B family, which can be controlled via HOST applications via USB, TCP/IP, RS232 or UART TTL:

  • Local enrolment via local enrole procedure or archive download
  • Embedded 1:few and 1:many identification: up to 1000 users locally stored in the TopSec memory
  • Embedded verification: via PIN/UserID up to 5K users - 2 fingers/template - locally stored
  • Embedded verification of templates with ISO format (standard/compact size), ANSI format or prop TopSec format
  • TopSec generates templates in ISO/ANSI format or TopSec prop format for server based authentication
  • Customized autonomous and HOST controlled mode
  • FW update and diagnostic features
  • Archive download and restore functions to duplicate archives
  • Mixed operation of sensors and archives possible through sensor independent technology

In combination with the PC based SDK the TopSec module can be enroled with users and fingers via archive download, when TopSec modules are equipped within doors or other access terminals for local identification or verification within this devices.
In the other direction the PC/server based SDK can be used as a central matching function to match a resulting Request Bio Template retrieved from the TopSec ID modules against all reference data stored in the server data base. (server based 1:N matching). This allows to combine access control for fingerprint door scanners and access control for PC applications to one integrated package with one necessary person enrolment for all these applications.


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