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  • We sell TopSec B.x ID modules and fingerprint sensors.

  • We adapt customer requirements for HW and FW into our standard
    TopSec B.x module HW and FW. The modified result can be manufactured from our partners or from us.

  • We license our standard TopSec B.x HW and FW to enable a full hardware migration strategy, which can also be manufactured from our
    partners or from us. For this we provide our TopSec B.x schematics, BOM lists and our expertise for electronics layout and manufacturing at customer sites.

  • We offer and provide development services for a full and complete
    device and solution development including the housing, electronics design, documentation, training, certifications and mechanical design in of fingerprint sensors.

  • We license our recognition algorithms and sensor communication interfaces for TopSec foreign customer selected HW architectures
    (refer to B-REAL licensing)

















> Absolute robust

Ziand hardwearing -

Zieasy to use


An alternative solution

of stripe-sensor with resistant and steel-

coated stripe-sensor

from UPEK


> Touchless sensor-

Zitechnology from TST








Two german companies are working closely together


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