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Biometric Recognition Embedded Algorithm Library


Fingerprint biometric enabling components for wireless and embedded development in C

The growing need for security and biometric applications for mobile phones, PDA´s but also other applications

e. g. television or automotive industry, will require the integration of biometric functions in embedded systems.
Limited processing power or storage capability of such systems frequently demand optimised fingerprint recognition algorithms. For such applications, in respect of processor arithmetic, strorage requirements and code size B-REAL includes optimised implementations of fingerprint recognition algorithms.

B-REAL contains high performance implementations with today´s popular fingerprint recognition algorithms and functions and allows the user without a knowledge of fingerprint recognition algorithms and associated mathematics to integrate biometric functions into their applications.
The trustworthy and reliable implementation of B-REAL is a quality guarantor for every fingerprint application
and the best protection from costly consequences of defective recognition software/firmware.



Overview about the mainfeatures:
  • Top performance
  • "Siemens-approved" (Siemens development) fingerprint recognition algorithms
  • Isolation and specific adaption of algorithms
  • Optimized for embedded systems
    • memory resources optimized
    • scalable performance / MIP's resource requirements
  • Implementation of project specific biometric modules
  • Continuous enhancement and improvement of biometric modules
B-REAL offers for a range of low power, high performance 16/32-bit DSP´s and RISC microprocessor cores
the capability to integrate platform optimized fingerprint recognition techniques for a wide variety of cost and
power-sensitive consumer applications. It offers significant cost reductions and time-to market improvements
by consolidating functions performed by several independent microcontrollers/DSPs onto a single device.
For a variety of operating systems and processor platforms B-REAL provides trustworthy and high perfor-
mance software/firmware implementations for fingerprint encoding and matching algorithms required for
fingerprint verification and identification – now and in the future.

We support our customers from the definition phase until to the final integration and system test phase of their end applications based on our professional service and support concept.


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