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Intelligent Fingerprint Solutions





The PC/server based Software Development Kit (SDK) is designed for integrating the biometric fingerprint core recognition mechanisms into various PC and network applications. It is the core engine and includes all functions for feeding in the person´s fingerprint and person specific data into the system, for updating and improving reference data in the archive, for managing archive and individual user data as well as the basic functions for identifying and verifying a person. It supports market known, highly attractive robust, easy to use and plug & play fingerprint USB devices and can be easily integrated in wide range of PC and network solutions via function calls. Through its adjustable security settings and excellent user guidance and feedback mechanisms the development kit is a powerful tool to migrate the core features of fingerprint recognition into enrolment station applications for central databases and card applications. It can be used as a comfort and powerful fingerprint network authentication and matching service which can be implemented in mission critical software applications to decide who will get access to data or rights based on fingerprint recognition.for network logon, remote LAN access, Intranet & Internet access, SAP access and 3rd party applications for e-payment, e-ticketing, e-business. Together with our TopSec-family it can be combined to support a server based centralized authentication and database concept – with this SDK and our TopSec family - IT security and physical access security can easily be combined.


Update: February 2010