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Biometric Computer Enrolment, Extraction and Matching


PC and Server based Software-Development Kit (SDK)


Our PC- and server based SW-development kit is designed for our customers to integrate the fingerprint recognition core mechanism in their PC and network software applications.




It is a central component and includes all functions necessary to feed the users fingerprint bio data and person specific data into the system, to update and improve the reference data in the archive, to manage archive and individual user data and to supply the basic functions to identify and verify a person. It can be used as a central server based authentication service which can be implemented in mission critical software applications to decide who will get access to data or rights based on fingerprint recognition.


In combination with our TopSec B-family the PC based SDK can be used as a core part for a central enrolment procedure of users and fingers which can be downloaded to our TopSec ID modules located in doors or other access terminals for local identification or verification within that devices.



In the other direction the PC/server based SDK can be used as a central matching function to match a resulting Request Bio Template retrieved from the TopSec ID modules against all reference data stored in the server data base. (server based 1:N matching).

These features can be used to combine access control for fingerprint door scanners and access control for PC applications to one integrated package with one necessary person enrolment for all these applications.

Our algorithm core technology has achieved TOP-results in BSI Evaluation "Bio-

finger" and FVC fingerprint comparison. Due to our sensor independent techno-

logy we support all state of art sensor technologies from large AFIS USB sensors to low cost sensors including stripe, area, capacitive, optical, touchless and thermal fingerprint sensors.




For further information you can download the document in the download area - all detailed development docu-

mentation composed of user guide, developers and programmers guide, further programming samples and the full SDK delivery are supplied under NDA only.


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