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MB fingerMetrica GmbH - Impulses for new Technologies


bild-maboe.jpgMB fingerMetrica GmbH as a German company headquartered in Rögling Bavaria was founded in 2003. We are a well known company offering core fingerprint enabling technologies for embedded fingerprint solutions, PC and network based fingerprint applications and smart card fingerprint applications. Our mission is to develop and supply world class, high accurate, fast and reliable fingerprint enabling technology for verification and identification including the supply of fingerprint sensors, fingerprint OEM modules, algorithms for fingerprint recognition and SDK´s based on our own expertise - thus following the vision to be a globally leading vendor of fingerprint technology supply. We constantly adapt our products to changing market requirements while ensuring a high standard of quality. Besides the standard product line we provide customized components while supporting from the planning and concept phase to the application specific integration. We maintain strong relations- and partnership with our sensor suppliers and HW suppliers.

Our wide range of technological competence enables us to offer efficient project handling, ranging from the first spark of an idea up to the point where an integrated solution is put into service at the customer site. We know what happens in direction of newest technologies and we are familiar with all the actual fingerprint biometric recognition techniques needed for the products and solutions of both today and tomorrow.
Our commitment is to supply top-level know how and world class expertise and components, products and solutions in the area of fingerprint. We commit to a continuous improvement of our product portfolio. We search for ever more powerful and high accurate technologies for fingerprint recognition.

We supply everything with goes with it: research, development, customization, consulting, training, support and service to provide optimum services for our customers to their customers. We have invested years doing basic research, product developments and solution in field of biometrics.


We can boast products and solutions which are already established on the market, have won international acclaim and form the basis for a multitude of security solutions.


















> Absolute robust

Ziand hardwearing -

Zieasy to use


An alternative solution

of stripe-sensor with resistant and steel-

coated stripe-sensor

from UPEK


> Touchless sensor-

Zitechnology from TST








Two german companies are working closely together


Phone: 09094-9210298
E-mail: info@mbfingermetrica.com
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